Chosen mark in vertical and horizontal formats, dark and light backgrounds, favicon and a sample pattern.
 A history of the Design Science identity.
 An alternate concept: Design Science crosses disciplinary boundaries with ease as is reflected in this conversational visual.
 Alternate concept dynamic options showing how the mark could change for different purposes such as invoices, estimates, directional signage, holiday invitations, etc.
 Alternate concept environmental proposal. The typography reads: “Do I have something in my teeth?”
 Alternate concept exploratory studies.
 An alternate concept that uses typographic forms to convey the overlap between the knowledge spheres of science and design.
 Alternate concept dynamic color studies. The overlap area produces a color that is a surprising result—the complementary color of the “D” color, rather than a mixture of the two colors within the “D” and “S.” Combining “design” and “science” results in something greater than the sum of its parts.
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