Kradel Design featured in HOW Magazine

In the Fall 2016 issue of HOW Magazine, Ellen Shapiro’s article, “Philadelphia, City of Designerly Love,” highlights the exciting design scene in Philadelphia. Kradel Design is one of 7 area design firms featured. An excerpt reads: “Kradel’s studio mantra, ‘Use the power of design to inspire meaningful change,’ can be summed up by its Posters Against Ebola project. ‘Humans have known about Ebola since 1976,’ says Maribeth Kradel-Weitzel. ‘In 2014, thousands of people died, but this horrific situation wasn’t a media focus in the U.S. So I invited designers, artists and activists to express ideas and solutions via posters, with the sale proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders. The project is a lasting record of the reaction to the epidemic.”

The article also mentions the Integrative Design Process course at Philadelphia University, which is coordinated by Kradel-Weitzel and is a required course for all design, business and engineering majors. Kradel-Weitzel is quoted: “Using design-thinking techniques, students work in teams and use human-centered research to discover opportunities and propose solutions. This methodology of problem-solving extends through senior year when the level of complexity is intense.”