Industry Sponsored Project with Chess at Three

Chess at Three is a national company that provides chess instruction to children starting at age three. Kradel-Weitzel brought the company in to partner with students in her Package Design course at Thomas Jefferson University. Chess at Three was looking to make their first venture into product design by bringing their unique, story and character focused curriculum to a larger market.

Students in the Package Design course developed original system designs consisting of character designs corresponding to chess pieces, a game board, a storybook and a package to hold it all. In the following semester, three students were chosen to work with Kradel-Weitzel to develop the project further as their senior capstone project. Veronica Llamas (now graphic designer for Muhlenhaupt + Company, LLC), Nicole Meyers (now junior art director at McCann HumanCare) and Caroline Noebels (now graphic designer for Push10) worked closely with the client to incorporate feedback within a demanding timeline. The students also gained experience with global sourcing and international production on a very complicated product with multiple components.

Tyler Schwartz, president and CEO of Chess at Three was pleased with the results of the collaboration and said, “I have seen a lot of amazing ideas on putting our curriculum into a retail box. We ultimately want to get this in every home in America.” The project is moving forward, and the public will have the opportunity to purchase this product in the future. The project also won the Best Capstone Award. For now, enjoy the images below featuring Kradel-Weitzel’s son, who stopped playing with the product just long enough to pose for a few pictures.